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Running on selected nights during the winter, our Zombie Hunter events are just as scary as they are fun!

As part of a Hunter team and armed with a semi automatic airsoft rifle, your job is to patrol the pitch black forest, eliminating as many of these vile creatures as you can.

Your experience will start as soon as you arrive. You will be met by armed guards in our car-park and escorted to the retinal check in point. Once inside you will be issued with your rifles and given weapons training.

Now its time to go hunting! With 20 acres of deep dark woodland to patrol, be prepared to be attacked by hordes of hungry zombies.

Forget The Walking Dead, our zombies are fast, aggressive & very hungry. Can you make it through the night and earn the right to call yourself a true Zombie Hunter? 

Age 14yrs min, this is a horror event with flash-bangs and strobe lighting.

Scared of the dark? You will be!!!

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