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Love the pace and adrenaline of paintball, but hate the hot steamed up masks, then airsoft is for you.

Play a selection of fast paced skirmish games - Storm the fort, Capture the Flag, Radar raid, just some of the great games we have at Dalby Activity Centre.

We also have a great selection of wide ranging games, making for a truly immersive experience.  20 acres of dense woodland, large clearings and structures mean you will have to work hard to locate and eliminate your enemy whilst completing various mission objectives.

Please note a reasonable level of fitness is required. Suitable for ages 12yrs & over.

Armed with a G&G CM16 Raider & hi cap 500 round magazine, our forest location is the perfect place to let your inner Rambo come out to play. We also provide tactical vest, safety glasses & cammo hat but if you have your own army gear feel free to wear it. (please bring your own gloves).

For all our pricing options please see our prices page. Contact us for more info..