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Book a day of paintball at Dalby Activity Centre and see why it’s the fastest growing sport in the UK! Our atmospheric paintball centre offers a fantastic selection of quality game zones. You'll find sentry towers, huts, a forest fort, thick woodland areas and large clearings, all set in our fantastic forest location.

For an alternative adventure activity that will provide plenty of fresh air and exercise, as well as lots of fun with your friends, family or co-workers, make sure you book a day out with us here.

We welcome all groups: birthday celebrations, stag and hen parties, corporate days and more! Whatever the occasion, we can provide you with an exciting day out that will leave you feeling exhilarated! Call the booking team now on 01751 460590.

Our emphasis is on quality not quantity.

We deal with a maximum of 50 players at a time & as long as you have a group of 8 min, we will put a day on for you. We have a large undercover reception area, with onsite cafe for you to refuel at during breaks.

The minimum age for paintballing is 12. We provide all your equipment (except your footware & gloves): paintballs, unlimited gun gas, free hot & cold drinks (limited).

For all our pricing options please see our prices page.

Capture the Flag

An old favourite, played in a large forest clearing, 5 large sentry towers offer plenty of protection

Radar Raid

Fight your way to your enemies radar base and take it down.

Head hunter

True mayhem - 2 x teams, 30 heads, 10 minutes. Collect as many heads as you can and get them to your team's tower. Theft is actively encouraged!

Forest fort

Enemies on all sides, can you hold the fort & keep your team flag flying?

Civil war

Line up, shoulder to shoulder and face the enemy. No ducking or hiding, you must stand with your team mates & take your chances. Cowards will be shot!


Use your riot shields to break through the wall defenses and get your VIP to the safe zone - ALIVE.

Bomb the hut

Fight your way forward and bomb the heavily defended huts. Sounds easy? Its not!

Head shots only

Test your sniper skills, find some good cover and take them down.

Last man standing

All out war, its every man/woman for themselves, there can only be one Last man standing!

A great game to finish your day.